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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Exciting Week!

Things got a bit hectic last week. Worked with The Teaching Company, BET and Castle Gate Media. Finished everything though and I've got some more work to nail out over the weekend.

Underwent a Maya trial by fire working on the logos for a new talk show (above), and a new reality show for BET. The P&G project wrapped, though most of the work I did wasn't used as there was a mix up in communication. *shrug, that's show business :p. Also finished some instructional animations for CFC on behalf of Castle Gate Media. Not to mention the cool map look I came up with for a course on the Dead Sea Scrolls for Teachco (below), and the sample lecture on Germ Theory I finished for them. Very interesting look at the history of disease and disease prevention.

Most exciting thing last week, I would have to give to my wife Stacy's Birthday on 08/22. I picked up a nice bottle of champagne and cooked a romantic dinner for two. I think she had a great time, and I managed to get things cleaned up a little. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday :). I might have gone a little bit overboard, but it's worth it to see her smile :D.

Next week holds new work, wonders and fun!

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