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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Now We Know...

Hi again!

I felt so bad for not updating more frequently that I've done a record two posts in one day!

I just realized that I completely forgot to mention this simple promo I threw together for BET two weeks ago. They wanted to do 3 spots for the new G.I. Joe movie that hit theaters a week ago and asked me to do a type of "Breaking News interruption," for them.

They wrote the script, shot the footage on green screen and I handled the compositing and news graphics look and feel in After Effects. This was the first draft of the video so there's still timecode and a watermark on some of the footage that Paramount provided us. The footage of the Eiffel Tower I ripped off from the HD trailer on the movie's website :D.

Sadly neither of the spots I produced will see the air waves as Paramount and the Ad Sales department of BET could not reach a compromise on the direction of the campaign. That's show business. Regardless, I got paid and I had fun, so I'm not really worried about it :p.

Please be gentle on my lens flare, I used one to give it even more of a cheesy, local news look.

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