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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What happened to May?

I want to begin by apologizing for my complete and utter lack of updates for the month of May (and the majority of June). Spent the majority of the month working on landing new gigs and doing a little traveling and babysitting my nephew. I have been keeping up with Twitter, but that doesn’t update here so again, my apologies.

On the business end I’m back working with The Teaching Company onsite in Chantilly as of May 26. I enjoy the gig because it’s interesting work, I learn a lot, and there’s always LOTS of it :D.

Biggest news is the completion of the rough-cut of the final episode of ShorTV. The new deadline for the end of July will not only be met, but met nearly a month early. YAY! Once the show airs (which should be some time in Autumn), I'm throwing a party to watch the premiere. It's not every day you can point at the TV and say "See that show there? I produced that. The whole thing." Needles to say, quite excited about the whole thing. I don't want to post any animated examples until the show airs, however I should be able to post the call for entries animation once I add some sound effects and music to it. More on that soon.

I also started work with a new company in May called hi road productions: It’s an interesting company; they do storyboards and animatics exclusively. I’ve seen some of the commercials they’ve done pre-production on and I’m familiar with all the brands they’ve worked with. I worked on some Petsmart spots and a few scenes for a Realize Waist Band spot for them. I hadn’t done too many animatics since college so it was a great opportunity to re-familiarize myself with the process.

I’m also getting ready to re-vamp my CafĂ© Press store after thumbing through some stuff on Threadless. Tremendous website if you’ve never been there: HIGHLY recommended for anyone looking for really dynamic and funny shirts.

On the personal front I was recently spotted traversing the wild south of Virginia exploring such sites as Foam Henge, Enchanted Dinosaur Kingdom, Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, Professor Cline’s Monster Museum, Natural Bridge, a parade float museum and TONS more! Went with Stacy and my good friend James who brought his new girlfriend along for the ride. We were both driving Honda Fits through the state in a pseudo-convoy. I folded the seats down in my fit to accommodate the 3 dogs riding in the back. 2 day road trip + 4 people + 3 dogs = tons of fun anecdotes that I don’t have time to get into, but will post about in a separate entry :D. You can consider the picture above this entry as a tease :p.

Again, sorry I haven’t been keeping up on the posts as often as I should. I’m getting ready to begin work on a personal project with a tight deadline. I know my post will most likely become infrequent again, but ideally I’m looking to post updates as I work such as sketches, notes about the plot, etc…

Enojoy June! It only comes about once a year after all :D.

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