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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Like a Lion!

March is here! Which means I’ve kept this thing going for a whole month! Awesome! I’ve got all kinds of new stuff to work on and write about too! Looks like I’ll be back at The Teaching Company through March as a graphic artist (I’ve been editing for them), and I just got finished with some work for BET International (hence the delayed posting). Speaking of delayed postings however, I’ve decided to simply post when something worth writing about happens. Otherwise I’m simply limiting myself so writing once a week on a set schedule and really, a lot happens in a week that warrants attention. 

It looks like Toddler Tales is going to air on BET soon. Keep your eyes peeled for it from this month through next if you happen to be watching the station. If they decide to do a bunch of these it will be a phenomenal addition to my reel, and could help to usher in some new work :D. I will post the video on this site as soon as I have confirmation that it’s airing and that the client doesn’t mind. For anybody that doesn’t speak with me everyday (which I hope are at least some of the people reading this), Toddler Tales is a vignette for BET that will hopefully spawn more vignettes for other products. We’re out of the gate with a spot for Pullups Training Pants.  Not hardcore, head banging awesome stuff, but a cute and quirky piece nonetheless that I’m quite happy with. More on that when I post it. 

I’ve also just signed up for Twitter, I have a small following now, but I’m certain it will grow. Please feel free to check it out here: I will add a link to the right sooner or later (kinda beat after today and can’t muster the energy right now). 

Until next time!

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